Introducing LessonBot: a lesson streaming robot for Google Classroom

Designed by teachers and students. 100% free forever.

Your personal cameraman

Utilizing an advanced neural network, LessonBot is able to recognize, focus on, and follow teachers as they deliver lectures. LessonBot automatically livestreams,records, and stores lessons in Google Classroom--capturing lectures traditionally lost in time and transforming them into reusable curricular assets that teachers can use to fill in the gaps when students miss class time or need remediation. With LessonBot, every lecture is archived and available 24/7.

Every school can be a cyber school

LessonBot levels the playing field with cyber schools by arming brick and mortar teachers with a turnkey distance learning soluton. During times of quarantine, LessonBot enables effortless continuity--from 100% distance learning to staggered scheduling where half the class joins from home on alternating days--enabling teachers to maintain their traditional schedules.

Combat chronic absenteeism

Chronic absenteeism (absent more than 10% of the school year) is a hidden epidemic affecting schools across the country. In our hometown of Pittsburgh, more than 28% of students are chronically absent--a worrisome figure considering these students are 7.4 times more likely to drop out than their regularly attending peers. LessonBot attacks chronic absenteeism at it's source: providing students with anywhere anytime access to missed class lessons.

A better approach to note taking

Taking notes during a lecture can be a harrowing experience for even the most talented note takers. But for the rest of us, it can feel downright impossible to keep up with a teacher's pace. LessonBot leverages the power of machine learning to transcribe what a teacher says during a lecture into a text document--enabling students to focus on the lecture instead of taking notes. Students can even search for topics and find videos featuring their actual teacher.

Help parents help students

When Common Core math was introduced, K-6 parents across the country lost their minds. Searches for Common Core math videos surged on YouTube as parents struggled to help their children learn an approach to math that differed from what they were taught. LessonBot arms parents with searchable access to actual class lectures--enabling parents to assist their children in accordance with the specific methods being taught in class.

LessonBot auto-populates Google Classroom with live streams and recorded lectures so that students never miss a moment of class

LessonBot complies with all FERPA regulations regarding student privacy